This site is a collection of House Rules, Short Stories, and more to enhance your Shadowrun Universe.

What is Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is a cyberpunk-urban fantasy cross-genre role-playing game, set 63 years in the future.[1]following a great cataclysm that has brought use of magic back to the world, just as it begins to embrace the marvels (and dangers) of technologies such as cyberspace, omnipresent computer networks, genetic engineering, and the merger of man and machine called cyberware. Despite its departure in some respects from the "mainstream" cyberpunk genre, Shadowrun is perhaps the best-known and most popular RPG for this genre. Definition from Wikipedia.


Elf, Orc, Troll, Dwarf, and Humans work the shadows. Doing contract work for the corporations, often times illegal and always dangerous. It is a job for those that live in the shadows, without System Identification Numbers (SIN) so they don't exist.

Mages, Shamans, Technomancers, Hackers, Riggers, Faces, Street Samurai, and more, are all running the shadows. It makes a hard world, a deadly world.

Shadowrun Survival Guide

Shadowrun Survival Guide is a site that posts house rules, custom races, new weapons, and vehicles to enhance your Shadowrun Experience. Feel free to use any or all of our house rules in your games.

We will also post your house rules, short stories, and game archives for players and GM's to enjoy.

All house rules content is written  for Shadowrun 4th Ed. For other editions please contact Digital Doom

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